Monday, September 20, 2010

Warlord Titan Project Update

This is the toe of a Titan...

That I refused to make multiples of by scratch building.

A while back I asked the question of what to cast the multiples from and settled, after a bit of discourse, on resin. So now Macca and I have a lot of toes for our two Titans, some half completed feet and the masters for the pistons (no pictured below). All the Designs are done and the major construction is under way. I managed to snavel bits out of lots of people so details shouldn't be and issue. I do have to cast another 60-ish missile tips for the multi-launcher and another 180 pistons.
more pics now...
Six toes for one foot.

Twenty-Four toes for both titans

The internal support structure in the feet.

Just how big the feet really are, yes that is a chair...

The Piston Moulds need re-engineering as I am having issues with the pours so that will happen first thing tomorrow... unless it is raining again in which case I will be washing my car.

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