Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Gotta Have Some!

Ron over at FTW asked us what our must have units are in armies. For me I would have to say it would be...
Ridiculously Expensive Elite Units...
I know this isn't exactly a single must have unit but let me expand a bit.
I love the ridiculously over the top hard hitting brutality of super tooled up elite units. Be they Terminators (Imperial, Grey Knights or Chaos), Immortals, Dreadnaughts, Wulfen, Sternguard Veterans, Storm Troopers, or well...uh... Witch Elves... I have a few armies and it is kind-of difficult to choose.

However of them all There are two stand-outs; Chaos Terminators and Witch Elves (which is why they get mentioned beside the plethora of 40k units).

Chaos Terminators are what really drew me down the dark path to Chaos, before the first Chaos Terminators came out (yes the Lead ones), I was a firm Vanilla Marine Player (along with Space Hulk!). But the Chaos Terminators just screamed cool. My First set of them have long since been striped, converted and repainted to serve in my,now illegal, Thousand Sons Army from the 'Dex before last. While not as spikey as their modern counterparts these models were the classic Opposite of their goody-two-shoes brethren for me. And the conversion opportunities are endless.
I only have one Chaos Army without them, my 750pts army. I am flat out fitting in the Troops let alone Elites, but don't worry I add Abaddon and lots of Termies for Apoc!!!

Witch Elves...yeah I hear you crying... they are weak... they get pwned by arrows from afar! I just have this irrational like for Witch Elves so much so that my one and only current Fantasy army has 40 of them in it!!! The current sculpts do the concept of them justice and my only gripe is that there are not enough poses. Sociopathic Elven Women in Chainmail Bikinis anyone?
Honestly I just love the current sculpts, I can't remember who did them, but they stand up well against the current range.

So I guess that about sums it up.

Until next time.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hazzah! Email back online.

Well from my last post you all would know that my email account got hacked. Well Microsoft managed to pry it open like an Ork with a power-claw peels open a tank. So it is all fixed again, however for those who want to commission work from me be aware that I am not taking commissions until after I do three things.

1) Update Sub's Underground. It has been far too long and I have to add the links to the shop which is being built.

2) Organise the Shop. I.e. finish the first run of products and do some casting. Plus finish registering and building the secure shop.

3) Organise another secure email account For commissions. I will still take single miniature commissions when I get the shop up and running, but it will not be a constant thing.

I realise that most of those reading this will think, commissions, wtf?
Brisbane locals who I have done work for will already know the low-down.

You may wonder to yourself, "what will this store sell?" Well not resin bases. Firstly there are too many people out there who are both members of FTW and better base designers than me making resin bases. If you are looking for good bases I can recommend you check out the List of stores on FTW. My personal picks of the bunch (in no particular order), are Dragon Forge, Secret Weapon Miniatures and for Aussies who want to pay a little less shipping, Back2Bas-ix.
As to what I will have, mostly 28mm scale generic conversion stuff. Things that enable you, the
modeller, to build cooler conversions by giving you a wider range of bits.
I will also do limited runs of 28mm scale miniatures in resin, yeah I know you are thinking "how limited?"
If they sell well enough I will likely do white metal versions with slight changes to the sculpts/more options on the sprue. Some of these miniatures may come with resin bases, as needs suit, but generally they will come with generic plastic bases (if I can find a good source of plastics).

So basically that is all the news. without further ado I give you two pics of some minis I did a while ago (found these while cleaning my hard-drive to determine if it was a virus or trojan that lead to
email fail)
A Kroot/Chaos Hound Conversion (can you pick the reference?)
And the Masque of Slaanesh I painted for the Chaos Daemons Dex Launch Painting Comp
although for some reason the masque pic is resized by the blogger software sigh!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Travails of Emails!

So my Hotmail account got hacked. sigh...

so for anyone who wants to send me email they might notice that my email in the contacts section has changed, it now directs you to an email account on my website.

If you do happen to get emails from my hotmail account (for those of you I previously contacted) do not open them or reply to them!

just to let you all know.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Supply Chain Consists of...


What's point am I getting at? (*gasp* someone making a point!)

Ok so I commented a while back on FTW that we do Group Forgeworld Orders fairly regularly. Very cool and whatnot, and we have a group of guys getting cool figures to play with locally and spread the fun around.

Anyhow Last week we did an order and we got enough to get free express shipping, I shopped on Thursday 15th around 7pm Local time (Brisbane), which means they actually got the Order at FW Thursday AM UK time. I figured the usual couple of week wait would be in order so you can imagine my surprise and joy of getting home Tuesday arvo from the Day Job and had a nice big box waiting for me. I unpacked it and checked off that each kit was there, they were except for my Weathering Powder set (which I threw in to try), which was on back order. It wasn't until the next night when one of the guys came over to pick up his stuff that we decided to go through and check each kit to see if all the parts were there.

Stonecrusher Carnifex Complete Kit - check
Stone Crusher Upgrade pack - check
DKK Leman Russ Alpha Complete Kit - check
2x MkIV Red Scorps V-Dreads, with 2x MkIV Assault Drills + Multi-meltas - check
GK Tank Commander and Redeemer Upgrade pack - check
Valkyrie Transfers - check
IA Books - check
IA masterclass - check
Khorne Daemon Prince and Herald - ch........
Wait a minute where the zog are the Herald's arms and head?

Indeed they were missing!

So I sent of a couple of emails to customer service, nicely worded and with a copy of the order attached with a clear description of what exactly was missing and a note that it could easily be added to my Powders when they shipped to save them a little bit of dosh.

What do you notice here?

1) I did not get aggravated/irate or belligerent.
2) I stated clearly and concisely what was missing and provided as much information as I could.
3) I thanked them for their time and congratulated them on their great service (which is true)

Within 24 hours I got a response from them saying that they have sorted everything out and the parts will be winging my way very soon.

What we often forget as customers is that we can determine how we are treated based on how we treat those on the other side of the increasingly virtual counter. We can wail and gnash our teeth as much as we like, but in the end if we treat people well it automatically brings the disposition of those we are dealing with onto our side of the fence.
At the end of the day we are all human beings and we can make mistakes.

However; for those staff whose shop I am in and they are too busy on the phone to their best friends' cousins' friend (or whoever) to serve customers I have a clear message. I will take my money somewhere else. For people who would rather let their childish ego's get in the way of doing their job right and cost the company time/money; Shame on You! Grow the hell up!
(both based on true events)

So hoist a glass to the lad's at Forgeworld customer service and think of "Armless" Andy the Herald of Sleepy Hollow (geddit?), who is getting shiny new body parts.

In other Miniature related news, I got a sneak peak at the QLD entries for the OZ Golden Daemons tonight. I think the lads may have a tough time tomorrow picking the top three in some of the categories to go off to the finals.

until next time

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dances with Airbrushes...

I went to GW last night to meet up with some of the lads. We talked we went and ate we talked some more, and did some hobby (did a little work on my 13th Company). I got home about 11pm local and as I walked in my converted Shadowsword caught my eye in all its half finished glory so with all the attention span of a lobotomised gadfly I decided to snap some WIP shots before going and CAD-ing up the turbine mounts for steam punk jet packs. Here they are in all their less then perfectly focussed glory (yeah note to self don't take photos late at night without tripod):
The Doors on the engine bay are hinged so you can open them and look inside. When I can track it down in my backups I will post the CAD layout I did to work out how to build the Cannon and modified hull assembly. This was one of the plastic Baneblade kits and I built this conversion before the plastic Shadowsword kits came out. Details were added using bits of Forgeworld DKK Super Heavy Tank upgrade packs, plasticard, bits of the baneblade kit, and many many rivets made from dress makers pins and little tiny ceramic 1mm diameter balls I baught from Riot Art and Craft (which they don't stock anymore because the manufacturer went belly up).

So far I have done the first stage of oil washes, gotta do some free hand stuff and then all the weathering to finish her off. The model was sprayed first with Tamiya German Grey (TS4), then taped and lightly sprayed with Tamiya Haze Grey (TS32), then the edges of the cammo strips were teased with the Airbrush with a bit of Mechrite Red (yeah not my good fine detail airbrush but the all Stainless Auto-detailing one picked up cheap at an auction). When this all dried I removed the masking and airbrushed an all over oil wash of Burnt Sienna darkened with a pinch of Humbrol Black Matt 33. Why no Burnt Umber, there was none in stock when I went to the shop so I got the more rusty coloured Burnt Sienna. Be super careful using Turps as a thinner if you try to put too much wash on at one parts of the underlying paint will start to lift away, but if you do it right it add some really neat weathering effects by making realistic patches of cracking aged paint. Acrylics will be affected most easily by this.

It is looking Ok so far but it may not see any more work for a couple of weeks, I really need to do the freehand stuff before the rest of the weathering so maybe it will be a while.

As a tip, if you do an all over oil wash and want to quickly highlight it you can wait till the next day and get a soft rag, wet it with Turps and gently rub it along the edges to remove the darker wash. Shazam! Instant single stage highlighting.

Lastly I have tacked on a screencap of the centres of my steam punk jet packs. I have not added the turbines on either end yet, I decided to call it a night and havn't got back to finish them today.



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Group Orders and You!

Ok so a little while ago there was some discussion of FTW about Forgeworld and the cost of ordering from there. I mentioned at the time that a group of us Brisbanites get together and order as a group so we get the free express shipping.

Well last night I processed our latest group order, I should have done it tuesday night local when the $Au was better vs the GBP... could have saved us around $50. I know you are thinking this doesn't sound like a lot but when our order is around 350 Pounds and you look at the conversion rate it makes a difference. Hell being realistic about it if We/I managed to save that money it is almost the price of a Space Wolf Pack Box ($55 Au).

So I wanted to leave you with a couple of things to remember when ordering from Forgeworld:
Firstly - Get a group together to make that free shipping, if you order just the right amount you can also get around the nasty import tax a lot of countries have.
Second - watch the exchange rate, do your order via credit card when the exchange rate is good and you can save even more money.

Also here is something funny to remember about security settings when setting up a new server:
Cheers all


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ahhh, Newbians...

Ok so I started a Blog to go in tandem with my website.

For the most part it will comprise of random pontifications and other stuff will end up on here.

My core website Sub's Underground will host the majority of the heavy stuff. and alot of the news on there will be mirrored here to make life easy for News Feeds etc.

For now there is little up on here, but over the next couple of weeks as I update the Core Site i will add stuff here.