Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ten Years on...

I have been working on items of the Titan project all day, namely things that need to be moulded and cast as there are multiples. These include the hydraulics rams, toes and toe joints. I will likely also cast a copy of the crew once I finish the sculpts of the moderatii and consoles.

However there comes a point where after nearly 12 hours of measuring, cutting, sanding, glueing and checking plastic card/rod/tube where you need a break...

So I decided that I needed a little taste of the retro...

Casting my eye across the DVD Shelf I realized that a movie was not in order, so I then cast my eye across the CD shelf and something caught my eye. As you probably guessed from the snazzy picture at the start of this post that something was in fact Homeworld. Furthermore, I realised that it is in fact ten years this month that Homeworld was released.

For those of you unfamiliar with the gem of RTS history then check this handy link [SPOILER WARNING!!]

What made this game great? Well there was a rich compelling story that combined with a brilliant 3D engine, for its time, innovative approach to RTS gameplay (omnidirectional movement in space combat), a well chosen musical score and well scripted cutscenes rounded out a game that to this day is enjoyable.

For those who have never played it I recommend you try it out, for those that have played it maybe it is time to dust off an old fave...

Oh btw it will run without patches on a XP SP3 machine, but you will need a soundcard (as it repeatedly glitches when attempting to use built in sound from the mo-bo).

Photos coming soon on the progress made for the ever looming Apoc tourney... And on top of that some damn fool got himself seduced into entering Golden Demon...... so watch this space.
just a little peak at the base.


  1. Ah Homeworld... If only they had let relic continue to make it.... But I remember long hours spent trying to salvage all those ion frigate on one the missions near the end its such a great game.

  2. yeah that mission was awesome, although I had 15 keeper multibeams so it wasn't such a problem XD