Monday, March 29, 2010

Mega Project

And Website Updates!

SO over at my website there are a few shiney new additions to the galleries, and some extra special additions to the Downloads Section.
First my "Ultimate Metals Technique" Guide is available at last!!
Also there is another decal sheet, and a couple of sheets that will allow you to turn a perfectly good Plastic Baneblade into a Shadowsword.... Yes I know but I started the project before the plastic Shadowsword kit was available so I share my madness!
With a little work and some magnets you could probably set things up so you can field both whenever you wanted. but I didn't go down this path myself.

Finally I have a new project on the deck.
Can you guess what it is from the picture below?

I will keep you up to date on this but it will mean several things.

I will not be taking painting commissions for a while, probably 3-4 months at least. This is so I can get the bulk of the work done. I will still be contactable for commentary and whatnot, and I will keep the work log of the project running. I will however try to give you tricks and tips whenever I can.

I may have my main website down for updates in the next couple of months as I change over to a new hosting package so that I can implement the webstore. It is a necessary evil and probably will only be for a day or two.

To get to the website use the link in the sidebar.

until next time