Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Question of Strength...

This is what the toes on the Warlord Titans I am building are going to look like.
For more stability I have decided to use six on each foot (rather than the standard four but bear with me). However this has brought me to a conundrum...
I would likely have to scratch build the 24 toes I need to build the two titans! Or I could simply cast them.

It is not that I am lazy or something but I don't have a huge amount of time available these days. So I decided to cast the multiples. However this presents its own inherent risks in application.

Firstly Warlord Titans in 40K scale are surprisingly big, Even with the sketches having rough scales on them and doing the CAD build you don't get a real idea of what you have gotten yourself into until you start slabbing out the torso superstructure. Being large they will require some serious strength to support their weight. I am not so sure that the resin I use will have adequate shear strength to do the job.

Secondly the Titans are likely to be a little top heavy, given their design. This alone presents a lot of issues in a gaming environment. Coupled with their immense size it is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

I was thinking of Casting the toes out of white metal, as I have the stuff on hand to do it.
It will be a strong homogeneous material that will help counterbalance the top heavy nature of the beast.

Any thoughts/suggestions from the group at large?



  1. I'm no structural engineer, but if you splay the legs apart - ie one foot in front of the other, and screw each toe into a base board which is of greater linear surface area you should have enough structural strength and stability. Obviously screw the toes in from underneath so the screws are hidden.

  2. The problems I have is that being the model is for gaming, and apoc tournies in particular. I may not have the luxury of a base board... I will give it a try and see what it looks like. at worst I will have to cast some more toes.

  3. If you make them of whitemetal/tin the model will weigh a ton! Better not move him on another "infantry-model" ^^

  4. Lol! yeah it would be realistic scale destruction!