Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quick Commissions

Sometimes you need a little something to break the tedium of painting and sculpting, something you have not done in a while.
For me it came this last week in the form of a quick little commission from a gamer at the FLGS.
More particularly they wanted me to colour match some minis to an already painted army that he did not paint himself.

OK so it took a little experimentation but in the end I nailed it. Happy client, more minis on the way from him (actually about another 8 to be precise).

here are a few quick snaps of the first cab off the ranks. His Defiler for his Chaos renegades force. I do apologize for the photo quality, these were hastily snapped at the FLGS before the client headed home with it. If you want a closer look the larger sized pics can be found in my Deviant Art Account Galleries, as I try to keep file sizes and load time down for my fellow bloggers.

The Front

The Back

Left Side

Right Side

From the top down

So this lifted my spirits a bit, sometimes you just need a break from one thing for a while to another.


  1. It's pretty. I particularly like the weathering on the metals, as they look quite realistic. The coloring on the purple is nice too, taking the contrast from the darkest depths up to those bright highlights.

    If you're looking for constructive criticisms, the larger purple areas seem to be lacking somewhat. I don't think it's a flaw in the painting at all, but for instance, the leg armor plate seem to plain. It would be a good place to throw some battle damage, or various chaos symbols.

    I'm sure you're client will be quite pleased though. :)

  2. Thanks man, I know exactly what you mean about the larger armour plates but that is what the client requested. It matches the lack of damage and weathering on the rest of the vehicles in his army so I suppose it might have looked odd if I had of added it in.
    Constructive criticism is always welcomed tho.