Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ok So its a little late...

So on the second Ron asked if we could take some snaps of our worst minis. I realise I might just make it in by posting now....but there were some things in life that have jumped upon me of late and demanded my attention elsewhere.

At any rate here is a snap of what is my second worst figure ever, only because I can't actually find my worst one (which I know I still have somewhere).

This is one of the old plastic Dark Elf Witches, and as you can see I decided to use cheap and nasty undercoat. This did horrible things to the plastic but I was, in my impetuous youth, determined to paint it anyway. It came out a bit mong but Looking at it makes me laugh so I keep it on the shelf anyway.

Remember never cheap out on undercoat, it can cost you a good mini.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Dude a Day Challenge!

Ok for those who know me I am somewhat of a slow painter these days, this is why I usually only take single mini commissions. Add to this several things in my life going not so great in the last month I have been really struggling to "get my hobby on."

So to aid in the situation I have decided to challenge myself to getting at least one mini a day done.

How does it work:

Put aside at least 1 hour per day, usually you can squeeze in two if you can paint and watch TV.
At the end of each day you have to have at least one mini finished.
If you are batch painting squad miniatures, four half finished minis count as one fully finished mini.
Standard sized Vehicles count as one miniature. Super Heavies and large Miniatures count as two.

Clear finishes don't count towards the sum.

at the end of the month you should thus have finished one miniature per day plus a few extras on the days you get to put more time in.

Does it help? Yeah so far I have stuck to it every day this week, and I have deliberately chosen a month where time is difficult to grab.