Monday, August 30, 2010

Best Idea Ever!!!

Got Sprue?!?
Just a little something quick I wanted to share.
I was surfing the Wargames Factory website and noticed something down at the bottom of their pages in the links section.

Ok so if like me you are intrigued I suggest taking a look. Finally someone has taken the initiative to recycle all those leftover sprue that we all have. On top of that you can get free stuff every month!!

I don't know about you but helping the environment seems like a good idea, but to get a chance to get free stuff out of it is better than any carbon trading fiasco I have ever heard of.

Kudos to the Wargames Factory guys for taking the initiative.

As an addendum; anyone who has white-metal off-cuts, or chunks of vents, I would be glad to take them off your hands for recycling.

and how did those conversions I mentioned in my last post turn out?
well one snap of a painted dude is right here (although it was rushed so terrible focus quality).
Yeah I know this is just a kitbash of a Valk door gunner body with a set of command squad box arms and a head from the Shock Troopers, but I have discovered that Cadian arms go straight onto a Shock Trooper body with very little fuss.

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