Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WIP Coteaz Part 2

Continuing my running series after a bit of late night painting last night and tonight I managed to get the armour and cloak finished on Coteaz. It is a struggle getting the washes done because it is raining here at the moment and so the humidity is making them take forever to dry. Oh well that is life. On with the Show!
These next couple show him with his cloak finished, leaving me all the other bits to go. I chose purple for two things. First it goes well with the Turquoise armour and secondly it is a colour related to Royal or Imperial Power, thus making Coteaz's ties to the Throne of Terra more obvious.

I used the following technique to paint the Purple Cloak on Coteaz:
1) Over a Black undercoat layer Liche Purple.
2) Wash twice with 1:3 wash of Badab Black:Leviathan Purple.
3) Layer highlight with Liche Purple.
4) Wash with 1:1 Water:Leviathan Purple.
5) Layer highlight with 1:1 Liche Purple:Warlock Purple.
6) Layer highlight with 1:1:1 Liche Purple:Warlock Purple:Morrow White.
7) Layer highlight with 1:1:2 Liche Purple:Warlock Purple:Morrow White.
8) Final wash glaze with 1:1 Water:Leviathan Purple.

Cheers till next time
Subby out.

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