Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back in Action.

Image shamelessly borrowed due to my research into zombie pirates of late....
I'm Baaaaaa-aaaaack (erm apparently so are the necrons)

Anyway I've been doing bits and pieces while unpacking stuff around work so I thought I would post a few snaps for you all to get things rolling. Note since something odd is happening to Blog edit today, to see the pics full sized you will have to open them in a new window... I don't know why, it is just how it is....

First up some WIP shots of my Nemesis Dreadknight
Assembled and ready to rumble...

Highlights and details to go

The Base all ready for the pinning on (Dragonforge Resin Bases, more about this later)

Just the details to go, both shin armour bits are done and fixed in place.

I will most likely do a little bit of weathering to him when I finish the details, not a whole lot, just a bit of dust around the feet, oil on the hydraulic rams, and scorching on the gun barrels/exhausts.

Then there is my GK Landraider Redeemer With Forgeworld Bits, a somewhat long running project that repeatedly got shelved due to my frustration over the failure of Extra Armour Kit that I was sent. I know, I could have got it replaced, but instead I decided to fix it myself. Long story short, I am finished the interior, the armour is fixed (and pinned on), and I am just modifying the top hull with a few more armoured bits to fit in with the sides. The top is going to be removable so you can see the interior details.

Yes that is a scratch built panel at the back, I was sent two of the same side back panels...
Notice the other gaps filled with plastic-card, yeah that is a 2.5mm gap.

Engine bay interior

More of the interior.

Close-up of the door interior.

Yup the doors open and close properly.

I am also working on some Warmachine stuff, hence the Zombie Pirate research, notably a Cryx Zombie Pirate Army led by Queen Skarre. Lots of zombies, in fact I think I went a bit mad, but I did manage to find a use for my Incursion Miniatures other than playing the game they were intended for... The Bomberzombies in particular add to the chaos, and well they just look like something a Cryx mind could conceive.
Then there is more Grey Knights, and well heaps of other random bits and bobs (in addition to making Home Brew Cider in my off shifts).

Anyways till later

Incoming soon, Mega-Reviews of some new things.
Stay Tuned Gaming Fans.


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