Sunday, January 22, 2012

WIP Coteaz and Grey Knights Project

Continuing the Trend that I began with the Doomknight and Landraider I wanted to get myself re-enthused with the hobby. Having a couple of days free per week now, I have a bit of a chance to get some work on my Grey Knights.

So the other day I decided to unpack and check out exactly what I have in the cupboard for the army.
The Minitures I have to work with so far are as follows:
2 x Brother Captain Stern (White Metal) (Will be converting one into Drago for a bit of fun options)
24 x GKs Terminators (White Metal) (5x 3/4 painted)
38 x GKs Power-Armoured (inc 5x Plastic MPK minis)
42 x Adeptus Arbites (Counts as Warrior Acolytes)
6 x Arbites Cyber Mastifs (Counts as Arco-Flagellants)
1 x Inquisitor Coteaz (White Metal, Cleaned, Currently being painted)
1 x Inquisitor (White Metal)
2 x Gun Servitors (White Metal) (1x Painted)
2 x Death Cult Assassins (White Metal) (Cleaned ready to paint)
16 x Inquisitorial Warband Assorted (White Metal)
1 x Vindicare Assassin (White Metal) (cleaned, recently paint stripped)
1 x Eversor Assasin (White Metal)
1 x Grey Knights Venerable Dreadnought (Converted Plastic Ven-Dread, Painted and Finished)
2 x Nemesis Dreadknights
1 x Land Raider Redeemer (Forgeworld Parts, Converted)
1 x Stormraven Gunship (Converted Pilot, magnetised weapon options, partially painted)

So Yeah I have a little bit of work ahead of me.

And while looking for Grey Knights Epic Miniatures (yes for madness.... MADNESSSS.....!!!), I found the following Inquisitor Coteaz miniature for sale.
For a long time I have put off painting my Coteaz miniature because I didn't want to do the traditional colour scheme for him. So this caught my interest, as it was both different and well executed. However I like to use somewhat darker colours, especially on characters who have questionable morality. Yes I know very grim dark....
So yesterday after lunch with the girlfriend I stopped at the not so local friendly gaming store to do a bit of painting (here-after NSLFGS). Ostensibly I was to have a night off and had planned to make it to Pubhammer that evening (yes my gaming club runs its meeting in a pub!), but at around 3:30 I got the call to see if I wanted a shift so I only got this far with Coteaz. Not I could have said no to the shift and kept painting, but hell extra money is always good.
Anyways I used the following technique to paint the armour:

Turquoise Blended Armour:
1) Undercoat Black
2) Base colour all the armour Reaper 'Deep Ocean'
3) Wash armour with 1:1:1 Asurmen Blue:Thraka Green:Badab Black
4)Wet Blended highlights with Reaper 'Deep Ocean'
5)Wet Blended edge highlights with Reaper 'Marine Teal'
6) Spot Highlights with 1:1 Reaper 'Marine Teal':P3 'Morrow White'

If in Stage 4 you let the highlights get to wide you can re-blend into the darker shading using glazes of the wash from Stage 3.

Lastly I will be putting all of these on Dragon Forge 'Parched Earth' Bases. :D

So there you have it.
Cheers All
Happy Chinese New Year!


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  1. How weird, that Coteaz is mine when I sold off my army.

    Not sure if your going to see this but you can hit me up at this blog as I am starting the hobby again and as such will be painting.

    I am liking your take on my model.

  2. Haha cool I just saw this response, that is awesome!
    Will add your blog to my feed :)

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