Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stuff For Sale and A Free Giveaway!

Since I am going away again, and I might be moving again a couple of months after I come back I wanted to put some stuff up here that I am selling so that any interested parties can have a gander.
I also have a give-away going on, details at the end.

Take note that I have grouped them into bundles/lots, I probably won't split them up cause I am selling them cheap.
Note Each bundle/lot has a Flat Rate shipping fee of $5. All payments to be made through PayPal. All Prices in Australian Dollars.

Enquiries can be made via email (found in my blog profile), make a note in the subject line that it is about the stuff for sale.

Lot 1:
First up a pretty much complete Space Marine infantry army consisting of the following:
4 x Old School Terminators
3 x Old School Dark Angels Veterans
29 x Marines including; 1 x Metal Plasma Cannon, 1 x Metal Lascannon, 1 x Metal Heavy Bolter, 2 x Missile Launchers, 1 x Plasma Gun, 1 x Flamer, 1 x Meltagun.
All painted to a basic gaming standard and themed as Fallen Angels. If you want to get hold of something for the kids to learn with, or want to expand your army then this may be a good start.
Asking Price: $70

Lot 2:
3 x Metal Empire Greatswords, 2 x Painted, 1 x Unpainted.
Asking Price: $6

Lot 3:
2 x Metal Night Goblin Fanatics, 1 x Metal Squig. All painted to Basic Standards.
Asking Price: $6

Lot 4:
1 x Metal Furiouso Dreadnaught, Assembled and Ready to Paint.
Asking Price: $20

Lot 5:
1 x Metal Dreadnaught with CC and Assault Cannon, Unassembled.
Asking Price: $20

Lot 6:
1 x Old School Chaos Rhino, painted to Basic Standards
Asking Price: $10

Lot 7:
1 x Codex Chaos Marines, (last Edition), Used but in Good Condition
Asking Price: $10

Lot 8:
1 x 6th Ed Warhammer Fantasy Rulebook, Used but in Good Condition.
Asking Price: $20

Lot 9:
1 x Tau Sniper Drone Box Set, New In Box, only opened to check contents.
Asking Price: $20

Lot 10:
1 x OOP Cold One Knights Box Set, circa 2001, New, Box opened but everything is there.
Asking Price $20

Lot 11:
1 x OOP Dark Elf War Hydra, with 2 x Beastmasters, circa 2001. New, Box Opened but everything is there.
Asking Price $20

Lot 12:
1 x Revel 1:76 Scale German Tank Destroyer Kit
Asking Price: $10

Lot 13:
1 x Revel 1:72 Scale German Hummel Kit
Asking Price: $10

I also have one Free LE White Dwarf Miniature to give away, he is missing his axe so I can't justify selling him.
I will be taking the names of both those who email me about the stuff for sale, and those who comment on this post (plus my loyal followers of course), putting them in a hat (in fact the hat below) and finding a beautiful assisstant to draw out a lucky winner (with photos to boot).

I also have a whole heap of PC case mod gear, it is all 12V so it can easily be used to mod Cars too (this is how I got cheap neon strips for under my dash). Selling it cheap, it is all new.

If I get no responses in the next couple of days I will be putting them up for seven day auction on Ebay. I have to have them paid for and shipped by the 14th of July, which is when I have to go away again.

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