Sunday, December 19, 2010

Selling my Childhood...

Well not really, but I am moving on the 23rd, yeah two days before Christmas. Seeing that I am not going to have room for all the stuff that has been in boxes since I moved in my last year of high school, nor need it for inspiration as I can digi-cam it I am going to auction a bunch of it off.

This serves a couple of purposes.
First I get some room in my apartment so I can actually live without tripping on boxes and have room to work, plus I get a little bit of cash for my bills.
Second I don't need it anymore, there comes a time in life where you have to let go of things. I would be lying if I said I wasn't attached to some of this stuff, as it represents my childhood and what defined my interests growing up.
Third I want it to go to good homes rather than the bin, so I will be keeping the prices fairly low on everything but those items I know are rare/expensive and, even with that in mind, they will likely be sold at genuine 1991 prices cause I need to get rid of them.

For a bit of an idea of what there is:
Collectors and those with kids keep your eyes on this space as things like actions figures from "Ninja Turtles" (Generation One), "Star Wars", "Dino Riders", "GI Joe" and any remaining G1 Transformers stuff I can find will be up for grabs. Additionally there will be some Military models, the BMW bike model that won me an art prize as a kid and alot more rare collectable goodness. Plus it is likely I will sell the old wire sculptures and things I won art prizes with as a kid too.

I will also over Christmas finish the second and third parts of the Dark Eldar posts I have been working on. So stay tuned.


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