Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Gotta Have Some!

Ron over at FTW asked us what our must have units are in armies. For me I would have to say it would be...
Ridiculously Expensive Elite Units...
I know this isn't exactly a single must have unit but let me expand a bit.
I love the ridiculously over the top hard hitting brutality of super tooled up elite units. Be they Terminators (Imperial, Grey Knights or Chaos), Immortals, Dreadnaughts, Wulfen, Sternguard Veterans, Storm Troopers, or well...uh... Witch Elves... I have a few armies and it is kind-of difficult to choose.

However of them all There are two stand-outs; Chaos Terminators and Witch Elves (which is why they get mentioned beside the plethora of 40k units).

Chaos Terminators are what really drew me down the dark path to Chaos, before the first Chaos Terminators came out (yes the Lead ones), I was a firm Vanilla Marine Player (along with Space Hulk!). But the Chaos Terminators just screamed cool. My First set of them have long since been striped, converted and repainted to serve in my,now illegal, Thousand Sons Army from the 'Dex before last. While not as spikey as their modern counterparts these models were the classic Opposite of their goody-two-shoes brethren for me. And the conversion opportunities are endless.
I only have one Chaos Army without them, my 750pts army. I am flat out fitting in the Troops let alone Elites, but don't worry I add Abaddon and lots of Termies for Apoc!!!

Witch Elves...yeah I hear you crying... they are weak... they get pwned by arrows from afar! I just have this irrational like for Witch Elves so much so that my one and only current Fantasy army has 40 of them in it!!! The current sculpts do the concept of them justice and my only gripe is that there are not enough poses. Sociopathic Elven Women in Chainmail Bikinis anyone?
Honestly I just love the current sculpts, I can't remember who did them, but they stand up well against the current range.

So I guess that about sums it up.

Until next time.


  1. I've been tempted by chaos terminators too, especially nurgle ones...such awesome models.

  2. Ahh yes the most awesome Forgeworld ones. very nice, I have a set on my Christmas wish list!