Thursday, October 15, 2009

Group Orders and You!

Ok so a little while ago there was some discussion of FTW about Forgeworld and the cost of ordering from there. I mentioned at the time that a group of us Brisbanites get together and order as a group so we get the free express shipping.

Well last night I processed our latest group order, I should have done it tuesday night local when the $Au was better vs the GBP... could have saved us around $50. I know you are thinking this doesn't sound like a lot but when our order is around 350 Pounds and you look at the conversion rate it makes a difference. Hell being realistic about it if We/I managed to save that money it is almost the price of a Space Wolf Pack Box ($55 Au).

So I wanted to leave you with a couple of things to remember when ordering from Forgeworld:
Firstly - Get a group together to make that free shipping, if you order just the right amount you can also get around the nasty import tax a lot of countries have.
Second - watch the exchange rate, do your order via credit card when the exchange rate is good and you can save even more money.

Also here is something funny to remember about security settings when setting up a new server:
Cheers all


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