Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Warlord Titan Project Progress

Truth be told this has been a WIP draft for about a week and a half, it just never seemed to get finished. Here are a few of the reasons why:
I went to Supanova Brisbane and had my cousin stay over for a few days. This ate up a bit of time on things and as I was flat out all weekend i was ludicrously tired and only had a little time to do a few production sketches. Last weekend was the ANZAC Day weekend, so while I did spend some time painting and modelling on the Saturday and Monday, the lads and I went out to see "Beneath Hill 60" on the Sunday, which was a really great film to remember those who fought for us. I also raised more than a few drinks to their memories on the Friday night a 21st party. Lets just say the the painting on Saturday started slooowly.

Work is steadily progressing on the Titan. So far I have the toe design nailed and the first toe three parts done so I can cast the 24 I need (6 toes on each foot, 2 titans) and I refined the lower leg design. I also did the designs for the Gattling Blaster, Apacalypse Launcher, the Core cutouts of the torso, and started on the I have bought all the fittings and LEDs for the builds as well as the plastics and other bits I needed.

I have started posting WIP CAD layouts of the beast on my Deviant Art Account. I did this for two reasons; 1) I had been neglecting it a little. 2) I don't use a whole swag-load of my file limits on here or my website.
So if you want to see how things are going with that you can go here.

A sample of the Cad Stuff

I also bought some bases from Jeff Dragonforge, specifically some of his wonderful Lost Empires Bases, which I think would go perfectly with my lost-technology-hunting-Titan-escorting Skitarii. They arrived about a week and a half ago So far I have the whole lot ready to put miniatures onto. Below is my test mini mounted on his new permanent residence...

(for a larger pic you can visit my Deviant Art account)

This is after about ten years of actually owning guard miniatures (yes I have a bunch of metal Cadians, Stormtoopers, and some Steel Legion minis, plus the plastic Cadians that this mini is taken from), I have found a color scheme I actually like. I plan to doo the whole lot up like this. Plus most of the other minis in this lot will have re-breathers, goggles, bionics and other conversions to make them a fair but less like freshly recruited Skitarii.

I really wanted to get this out before I posted my contribution to the latest collaborative post for FTW. Just in case you were wondering why the two posts in a day...

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