Monday, April 5, 2010

The Engines Shall Walk!

Yes a nice little quote from Dan Abnett's Titanicus there shall decribe this nicely...

So I began a new project last week, and I put a teaser up on the blog about it. The project started at a passing comment at the FLGS about a double tournament. It evolved into utter madness.

The madness is to build a force to deploy in a 6000pts per side Warhammer 40000 Apocalypse Tournament in November. Ideally I could field a force from what I have painted up already (Chaos Marines, Space Marines or Imperial Guard Apocalypse Formations). But as it is a doubles tournament and I would be entering with a good buddy of mine we decided we wanted something with "Wow factor"...
To that end we decided to scratch build and field two Warlord Battle Titans worth a staggering 2500pts each.

I started out by trying to find some sort of reference to size and found this over
here at Lexicanum.
Being that the game itself is in 28mm scale (actually it is exaggerated 25mm scale), Titans are a daunting project. Scratch built Titans are problematic as there is not any real defined size. The Warhound specifically coming in at around 11 inches high when assembled.

Taking this into consideration I looked at the comparison picture in the rule book and started out on the CAD, with the shin armour 11 inches high. Roughly mocking out the blocks the whole build will come in at around 900mm/36 inches high (to the top of the shoulder mounted weapons).
While this seems a little big it is about right when I look at it.
Scale wise it is about right too, in real scale the thing would be around 53 meters tall!
How did I work this out?

Well 25mm scale (the height of a normal human in 40k scale) is about 1:58 scale.
if I use the nifty converter over
here to convert the inches to 5303cm in real scale.

I have a WIP gallery on Deviant Art, so most sketches, snaps and CAD mockups can be found over there.

and here is a pic for everyone.

and yes that is a marine silhouette for scale next to his foot!!


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