Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Night Gaming.

So you are a Gamer in the South West Suburbs of Brisbane and you have an itch to get a game in on a Sunday night but your FLGS just ain't open... What do you do?

Easy, join a few of us regulars at the Centenary Tavern, 96 Sumners Rd, Sumner, just off the Centenary Highway from about 6:30pm until about 10pm. We meet and game pretty much every weekend.

We play a range of games regularly, including 40k, WH Fantasy, DnD, Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy, 40k Scale Inquisitor and just about any game that we have on hand. If you are interested in a particular game you can contact us in the week before to see if we can get someone else to bring minis along to play you.
Forgeworld Rules and minis are Welcome.

What do we require of you?
First: You Must Be 18+!!!
We hold it at a Local Tavern, and while we encourage younger gamers we cannot be responsible for those under 18. Also if you are over 18 and intend to have a couple of drinks make sure you do not Drink and Drive, if your licence does not provide you with the ability to have a drink then be responsible. Primarily we hold this as a social gaming event, not a drinking competition.

Second contact us ahead of time to make sure we are definitely going to be running it on the coming Sunday. Sometimes the room we hire is booked out or we are having a BBQ or other social event at the residence of one of the organisers.
- You can contact us via emailing myself, or Maddermax has a post up about the club on the Heresy Online Forums that you can post to.

Third if you want to play something specific ask us to make sure we can tee up a game for you, most Sundays we have a few 40k and Fantasy armies at the bare minimum. We provide some terrain, but if you want to bring some you are more than welcome too.

Fourth as we are a Social Club, we don't ask that you have your minis all painted to tournament standards (so long as they are assembled to game with we don't mind at all). Bring along some dice and templates for whatever game you have sorted out and you are good to go. Like I mentioned before we like won't say no to Forgeworld stuff, just make sure you bring a copy of the rules for whatever you are using.

Lastly we each put in about $5-$10 to cover room hire and some food from the bistro (wedges, chips, cheese breads, cobb loaf etc.). If you don't want any food or are just coming along to check it out just ask Brett and he, generous soul that he is, will generally tell you not to pay anything.

Last Sunday saw two really good games. Nids vs Orks and Bretonians vs Dwarves. The Orks triumphed in the first battle, but sadly I had to head home before the end of the other game so I could get some sleep for my first day back at work.
We also had a running campaign continued for the lads who are currently playing DnD, I believe that they faced off against a giant purple Dire Chicken (although why it was even there was lost on me... the GM assures me it was necessary to the plot).


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