Saturday, January 30, 2010

Secret Business Complete!

Ok so I teased you the other day with a WIP shot of some secret business. Photographed below is the end result.

What is it you ask?
A combination 6x3.5 foot gaming table and single bed, with deep drawers underneath to store terrain.

The change from table to bed is enacted by two 1/4" bolts on each leg and wing nuts. they are prevented from moving by the runners for the drawers.
It is a little bit taller than a coffee table, the perfect height for pnp, and also makes it easy for wargaming to kick back and relax, as I have always found that games at the FLGS tedious because you have to stand at the tables for endless hours when gaming. It is not that I am lazy, standing at tables is great for tournaments but for relaxed afternoon games on a weekend there has to be some compromise in table height to accommodate the inevitable chairs around the table.

All in all very functional, and handy to have. It should encourage me to both play games more often when the lads come over, and give me some incentive to finish the terrain I have unassembled in the cupboard!

Enjoy all, and if anyone is interested I can whip up some CAD of this right quick if anyone wants to make there own.

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