Monday, July 5, 2010

DSM Goes Live!

As per my last post I am going to be out of work come Thursday as my Department is being shut down.

Not going to sit on my laurels however!
To remedy my need for money I am going to go Live Full Time with my Miniatures Company as of next week. I will be available 9am-5pm weekdays for consultation as per the Commissions statement (also in my last post) via Email, or even Phone if you are a Brisbane local.
As I have not yet got my web-store completely sorted out I will be taking initial orders via email requests and selling castings in white metal on Ebay.

I am starting with a small number of generic, yet quite quirky minis, one of which had some work done tonight that you can check out here.

I may get bogged down as I have been approached by a fledgeling Board Games Company to potentially sculpt a number of figures for them to get drop poured as gaming pieces. Additionally I am also offering local companies CAD outsourcing support under hourly rates, so some days I will get to do something a little different. But don't worry I have a trained servitor on hand to do castings and bag up orders. So do not fear, I will get you your goods if you order some.

So remember: no matter how bad things can seem, something good is bound to happen if you give to others.

On that note don't forget to Donate to the Storm Wardens Project as every dollar helps!

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